Crack Gloves

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Product Overview

  • Made in Mexico and handmade by leather artisans
  • 100% Suede leather
  • Durable
  • Thin
  • Resistant
  • Thumb protection

They maintain their "Grip" ability even when wet, you can even dry your sweat without compromising their performance.
3D design that truly covers the necessary part of the hand when jamming
Exclusive Stonecrag closure system to prevent unintentional detachment and that does not interfere with jamming.

Choose you size based on the following measures:

  • XS: 16.5-18.5 cm
  • S: 18.5-20 cm
  • M: 20-21.5 cm
  • L: 21.5-23 cm
  • XL: 23-25 cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review